Dive in and discover this ocean of comprehensive resources which includes the entire library of your favorite YOGA for SURFERS® videos PLUS brand-new content!

You also get Peggy's ongoing guidance, instruction, support, motivation and inspiration so can take your surfing -- and your fitness -- to the next level! If not now...when?

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You get lifetime access to the entire YOGA for SURFERS®
Stretch & Strengthen Online Series, which includes exclusive content:

  • Over 5 hours of YOGA for SURFERS® sequences with the best exercises you need for pre-surf, post-surf, in the water, healing, conditioning, strength, balance and breathing.

  • Easy digital access to all YOGA for SURFERS® programs:

YOGA for SURFERS 1: The Original
YOGA for SURFERS 2: Fluid Power Yoga
YOGA for SURFERS 3: Unleashed!

  • Audio mp3s of all Yoga for Surfers programs (over 5 hours total) so you can access the programs easily on your phone or at the beach, or whenever you'd prefer to just listen and follow along

  • Heal your Back eBook, with practical solutions to get rid of your chronic aches and pains

  • Two different guided meditations for stress reduction and peace of mind so you can feel more centered and connected on the waves -- and in your life!

  • How to Breathe: Bonus Video with guided breathing practice

  • How to Meditate: Bonus Video with guided meditation

  • How to Balance: Bonus Video with guided meditation

  • NEW! Q&A Videos where you get access to Peggy's 15+ years in surfing fitness and wellness so you can confidently pursue the best practices for your health and well-being, without second-guessing yourself or being at risk for injury

  • Exclusive online forums with Peggy's expert guidance on yoga, fitness, healing, nutrition and much more in the exclusive online forums. This is your own private place to get expert advice from Peggy Hall directly related to all areas of your surfing wellness! This alone exceeds the value of your investment in this series.

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bobby johnson YFS-er from Santa Rosa BEach, FLorida

bobby johnson YFS-er from Santa Rosa BEach, FLorida

This original program helped get my surfing back on track. Years later, I flew out to California and became a Yoga for Surfers instructor. Peggy Hall is amazing and if you’re looking to lift your surf game, look no further. I am very excited about this new program and very grateful for the earlier programs I found years ago. YFS is a great way to stay in shape, and Peggy’s positivity has permanently improved my life as well.
— Bobby Johnson -- Santa Rosa, Florida

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What Surfers are Saying…

"I decided to order the entire series. I'm really glad I did."
Thanks for including the Bonus section on Increasing Lung Capacity. I always include your breathing techniques with my Pre-Surf Warm Up and it has improved my endurance especially during paddle outs.

The entire Yoga for Surfers Series is an impressive, totally professional package in terms of Peggy's abilities as personal instructor, production, editing and soundtrack quality. I’m convinced that any surfer or non surfer of any age would benefit from the series.

I turned 56 in August (!) and have been surfing for 40 years. My quiver ranges in size from a 6'0" - 9'1" Going forward the Yoga For Surfers Series will continue to be an important ingredient in the lifestyle I've chosen in the hopes of staying fit, healthy, whole and surfing for a long time to come.
Bill Hamilton, Brevard County, Florida

I’m so excited to have access to YFS online and to hear that Peggy is releasing new content. I’ve owned YFS 1 and 2 and Yoga for Board Sports on DVD, but the online format will allow me to access the programs from anywhere.

My goal is to increase the frequency of my yoga practice to enhance my overall health and fitness - particularly strength and flexibility - while avoiding injury and back pain. I love all board sports - especially snowboarding and stand up paddling. As I age (I’m in my early 40s), I want to ensure that I can participate in my favorite sports and activities for a long time!

Thanks so much for creating this new platform...I’m really looking forward to practicing with you again.
— Amy Councilman, Maryland

Don't leave your surfing fitness to chance. 


It's frustrating and fatiguing when you're second-guessing yourself... and feeling like you're not reaching your full potential in your surfing.

But imagine the sense of relief you'll feel when you know that you are moving in the right direction in terms of improving your surfing performance -- and your overall health, fitness and well-being when you sign up for the YFS Stretch & Strengthen Series.

Think of it as "classic + current" YFS content -- right at your fingertips!

This is much more expanded and comprehensive than what you have on your YFS DVDs...

I guarantee your surfing -- and your life -- will be enhanced because of what we've created for you.

It's because of surfers like you that YOGA for SURFERS® has thrived since 2002, and I am continually inspired to help you make the most of your surfing -- and your life.

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When it comes to improving your surfing, you can:

- Do nothing and hope your surfing fitness will improve on its own

- Cobble together videos from youtube

- Pay to join a local yoga studio (paying for each class or membership and hoping the classes will match what you're needing on any given day)

- Risk injury from not being fit and flexible enough for the demands of surfing

- Complain about feeling old and out-of-shape and talk about the old days when you used to surf better

OR, you can:

Make a one-time affordable investment in your surfing fitness, overall health and well-being, an investment that will last a lifetime and pay itself back in terms of your surfing better, and feeling better overall!

You'll see that what you receive in terms of total life enhancement with the YFS Stretch & Strengthen Series will far exceed your $195 investment.

*100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If for any reason the YFS Stretch & Strengthen Series is not everything you thought it would be and more, simply email us for a prompt, cheerful 100% refund


Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!


How does it work?

After you sign up for the YOGA for SURFERS® Online Series:

~ You get a welcome email with your login information
~ You get instant access to several hours of valuable resources you can return to again and again for your total surfing fitness -- and total life enhancement!
~ You have direct access to me, Peggy Hall, in the online forums for personalized guidance and support
~ YFS online manager Guri Bigham is on hand to answer any technical questions
~ You can download our special app so you can access the programs even without internet access

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