Selected Articles by Peggy Hall

A frequent contributor to national media, Peggy has been published in dozens of national and international health, fitness and women's magazines.

Highlights include:

~ Health & Fitness Editor for Surf Life for Women magazine
~ Columnist for Clean Eating magazine
~ Contributing writer for Oxygen Women's Fitness, Shape, Women's World, First for Women, Self
Content contributor Peggy for, contributing to the "Fit for Surf" feature
~ Contributor to Surf Girl's Guide to Surfing (Orca, 2005) Surf Like a Girl (Three Rivers Press, 2005) Surf's Up (Allen & Unwin, 2008)
~ Contributing author to Yoga for Surfing (Falcon Books, 2018) 

Here, a sampling of Peggy's recent articles:

Eat Well, Surf Well
How to fill your tank with high-quality fuel so you can surf as well as you know you can!
By Peggy Hall

Stretch N’ Surf by Peggy Hall
Curl Magazine

Yoga for Surfers by Peggy Hall
Surf Life for Women

High-Energy Eating by Peggy Hall
Surf Life for Women

High Energy Eating
Power up with a pre-surf meal that will fuel your stoke for a great session!
By Peggy Hall

Exclusive flat-abs-fast plan with Peggy's signature yoga moves! by Peggy Hall
Featured in Oxygen's Abs collector's issue


Crank Up Your Cardio! by Peggy Hall
Fun, effective workouts to blast fat!

Secrets to a Good Night's Sleep by Peggy Hall

Milk Thistle: It Does a Body Good! by Peggy Hall
Consider getting a little help from Mother Nature to keep your liver functioning at its best!


A New Way to Boost Your Glutes!
Check out this exclusive routine that will get you in and out of the gym in 20 minutes or less. No more excuses -- just results!
By Peggy Hall


The Truth About Coconut Oil
Is this tropical fat an artery-clogging evil or a health-food sensation? Let's take a look at the claims and see if we can crack this nut!
By Peggy Hall


Get Lean and Tall in Minutes
Five easy yoga moves to help you stretch and de-stress!
By Peggy Hall


Cacao's Wow Factor!
Suppress your appetite while satisfying your sweet tooth -- with chocolate!
By Peggy Hall


Boost the benefits of your yoga practice with this Oxygen-exclusive resistance band workout that will help you increase flexibility, decrease stress and sculpt a strong, sleek physique in as little as four weeks.
By Peggy Hall


Need More Energy?
Consider CoQ10, a potent antioxidant that helps protect your heart, reduce migraines and even burn fat -- all while putting a little oomph into your day!
By Peggy Hall

The Cravings Cure by Peggy Hall
Ever wish you could just wave a magic wand and make your cravings disappear? You're in luck! Read on for some effective ways to curb your cravings and find the peace of mind you were after all along.
Clean Eating Magazine

Get your Daily Dose of Sunshine by Peggy Hall
Research is proving what I've thought to be true all along: sunshine is good for you! Just like plants, we require those solar rays to thrive. Here's how to get your daily dose of sunshine, necessary for making Vitamin D.


21 Stress-Busters! by Peggy Hall
Feeling overextended and under-appreciated? Take a deep breath and try one or more of my favorite tips and tricks for going from overwhelmed into overjoyed. Yes, it is possible!
Clean Eating Magazine


Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous!
You can live a healthy lifestyle without giving up all the fun! Learn how to get rid of the guilt -- along with the cellulite!
By Peggy Hall


New Age Antioxidants
Move over blueberries -- goji and acai berry are the new kids on the block! But are these exotic fruits really superior to our good old-fashioned favorites?
By Peggy Hall

A Cupful of Comfort
Take the time to savor a spot of tea. It not only tastes good -- it's good for you! (Still awaiting word on the scones!)
By Peggy Hall


Surviving Sabotage by Peggy Hall
You've been eating clean, getting regular exercise and feeling great! So why give into the pressure of others and stray form your new lifestyle? Here are some simple strategies for sidestepping those "one bite won't hurt" situations.

Clean Eating Magazine

Quit Fighting With Food by Peggy Hall
Contrary to what you might think, food is not the enemy. Give yourself permission to eat and end the battle once and for all!

Make Room for Omegas!
These essential fatty acids are crucial for your heart, brain, skin, mood and metabolism. Here's how to make sure you're getting the right amounts of these healthy fats.
by Peggy Hall


The Power of Probiotics
For better health, listen to your gut!
y Peggy Hall

Healing the Hungry Heart
Food can’t (really) fix feelings, but self-awareness and acceptance can. Here are four simple yet powerful tools to help you break your emotional ties to food.
By Peggy Hall


Hoodia Love? by Peggy Hall
The newest kid on the diet block is hogging all the headlines. But is this South American herb more hype than help?
Clean Eating


Feng Shui your Figure
Clear the clutter and lose the butter -- off your hips, thighs and stomach. Plus: Clutter Busting 101: what to keep and what to toss!
By Peggy Hall

Clean Eating Magazine

The Miracle of Magnesium
Curb your cravings, calm your nerves and protect your heart with the help of this modest yet mighty mineral.
By Peggy Hall


The Yoga of Eating
Learn to let go of the struggle and find peace and nourishment with every bite.
By Peggy Hall

Clean Eating Magazine

Five-Minute Yoga By Peggy Hall

With just a few rounds of  sun salutations, you can reap the benefits of the ancient practice of yoga in as little as five minutes a day. You'll open your body, free your mind and awaken your spirit!

Amazing Arms
If your arms continue to wave long after you do, don't despair! Dieting and cardio will help melt the flat, but resistance training is the real key in trimming, tightening and toning your triceps so you can develop those sleek, sculpted arms you're after.
By Peggy Hall

Lean, Lovely Legs
For many women, it's the bottom half that causes concern. You might look good -- even great -- in a tank top, backless dress or fitted jacket, but it's the heavy legs that throw you off balance. Take heart: with the right approach to strength training and a squeaky-clean nutrition plan, you can build beautiful legs to last a lifetime.
By Peggy Hall
Oxygen Women's Fitness Magazine

Rock Solid Warrior by Peggy Hall
Power meets peace in this yoga-inspired workout
Oxygen Women's Fitness Magazine

Hip, Hip Hooray! By Peggy Hall
Stretch your hips and unlock hidden power and strength
xygen Women's Fitness Magazine

Curb Your Cravings by Peggy Hall
One of the reasons we often feel so compelled, so utterly driven, to devour a certain something is because we have made it off-limits. You try to take a firm stand: "That's it! I'm swearing off chocolate for the rest of the year!" -- but then all you do is think about chocolate...nonstop. Then the struggle beings in full force. Luckily, there is a better way.

Bare Naked Training By Peggy Hall
This body-weight only routine will help youshed your bulk so you'll look good in the buff!

Supplement Savvy By Peggy Hall
When it comes to navigating the vitamin aisle, you can feel overwhelmed and uninformed. But wait! Here are the best supplements to take, and why.

Three-Day Push/Pull Workout
If getting tight, trim and tones (in less time than you think possible) is what you're after, then consider the tried-and-true "push/pull" approach where muscles with a similar function are grouped together. You'll feel and see results in just two weeks!
By Peggy Hall

No Gym? No Problem!
Get a heart-pumping total-body circuit workout
By Peggy Hall
Oxygen Women's Fitness Magazine

Survivor: Holiday Edition By Peggy Hall
How to eat, drink and be merry -- and still fit into your favorite jeans. Learn how to enjoy the holidays while keeping your sanity -- and pants size -- intact!

Build More Muscle in Less Time By Peggy Hall
Hit your chest, shoulders and triceps in one simple workout that gets you out of the gym in under an hour.

Boost Your Booty
Four fab moves you can do nearly anywhere to get a firm fanny, fast!
By Peggy Hall

Damsel Magazine

FaceFood By Peggy Hall
Nourish your skin, hair and nails with nature's bounty! There's no need to shell out your hard-earned clams for fancy skin creams and pricey shampoos -- instead, tap into the healing energy of nature to create luscious treatments that will soothe and delight from head to toe!

Damsel Magazine

Sleek & Slender in Just Six Weeks
Reshape your body with this innovative circuit workout that hits all the right spots!
By Peggy Hall

Get Precious Assets
If you've been doing the sam old squats, lunges and crunches, but they just aren't paying off like they used to, then it's time to up the ante with this sold-gold glute routine. Merge these moves into your existing portfolio and you'll see a healthy return on your investment!
By Peggy Hall

High-Definition Delts
Stability ball and resistance band moves
By Peggy Hall

Beat Belly Bloat By Peggy Hall
No sit-ups required!

Solid to the Core By Peggy Hall
Includes a three-day diet for a six-pack stomach!

Spring Cleansing By Peggy Hall
How to detox for health, happiness and a flat tummy

Training in Twos By Peggy Hall
How to successfully work out with your mate

Sculpt a Sleek Six-Pack By Peggy Hall
A four-move fat-blasting routine!

Bring Back the Jacks!
Revive your workouts with some classics
By Peggy Hall

Flat and Fabulous Abs in Five Minutes a Day
Get visible results with less work!
By Peggy Hall

The Right to Bare Arms By Peggy Hall
Top tips for building biceps

Build a Better Back By Peggy Hall
Improve your posture and prevent injuries

Get Summer Sleek By Peggy Hall
Inspired by moves from YOGA for SURFERS®

Rediscovering Forgotten Moves By Peggy Hall
Tried-and-true exercises for faster results

Blast Stubborn Back Flab By Peggy Hall
Sculpt your back with these four moves

Firm your Upper Arms By Peggy Hall
Exercises to target your bi's and tri's

Yoga for Weight Training

All about "Om"


Bulletproof Knees

Carve Magazine


Extreme Fitness By Peggy Hall

Peg's Product Picks By Peggy Hall

Yoga Hybrids

Men’s Journal, September 2005

Riding the Wave of Bliss

Domain Magazine

Balancing Act By Peggy Hall

Beauty and the Beach By Peggy Hall

Surf’s Up

Yoga Magazine

Good Fast Food By Peggy Hall

Shoulder Sense by Peggy Hall

Fitness Training for Surfing by Peggy Hall
Curl Magazine

Surf Snacks for Spring by Peggy Hall

Training Toys By Peggy Hall

Back on Track By Peggy Hall

The Best of the Bars By Peggy Hall

Yoga sur l’Eau

Yoga Magazine (France)

Commit to Get Fit in 28 Days By Peggy Hall

Every Breath You Take By Peggy Hall

Avoid Winter Wipeout By Peggy Hall
How to Stay Healthy All Winter

Cross-Training for Surfing By Peggy Hall

The Sugar Debate By Peggy Hall

Yoga on Your Surfboard By Peggy Hall
Surf Life for Women