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LEVEL: Beginner

With Peggy Hall, Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard

Includes 3 Different Routines:

(1) Pre-Surf Session for Flexibility and Focus: A perfect surfing warm-up, this flowing routine awakens and energizes the entire body before surfing, getting the mind and soul focused on a great session! (12 minutes)

(2) Water Session for Energy and Confidence: These are yoga stretches you can do on your surfboard to stay loose, warm and focused between sets. Learn some tips for catching more waves, including the way you sit on your surfboard! (7 minutes)

(3) Post-Surf Session for Stretching and Rejuvenation: This sequence is done entirely on the floor for a really relaxing routine to calm your mind, rejuvenate your body, and shorten your recovery time between surf sessions.
(18 minutes)

Plus, you get a laminated card for easy reference: "Best 5 Post Ride"

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YOGA FOR SURFERS II: FLUID POWER YOGA ***SOLD OUT*** (Only available as part of the YFS Online Series)

LEVEL: Intermediate

With Peggy Hall, Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard

(1) Spinal Warm-up: Increase your flexibility for surfing while learning the basics of "vinyasa flow", surf yoga style! This is a short warm-up, perfect when you want to get the body moving and head out the door!

(2) Vinyasa Flow: Practice a series of sun salutations, adding new poses with each repetition. This will give you greater endurance for surfing and help you surf stronger, with more energy.

(3) Balancing Poses: Improve your balance and mental focus with challenging and fun balancing poses. You'll increase your coordination and concentration in order to surf better and catch more waves! For more of a balance challenge, try these poses with your eyes closed!

(4) Relaxation Sequence: Calm your mind and body as you unwind and relax. Stretch your back and hips for more flexibility. This is the most important part of the practice, so be sure you don't skip it! Lie back, close your eyes, breathe, relax, focus and enjoy!

Only available in the YFS Online series


LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced

With Peggy Hall, Tom Carroll, Garrett McNamara and Brian Conley

FIT (20 minutes) 
Increase your core strength and stability with unique, targeted poses for your abs and back. Develop balance and breath control.

FOCUSED (25 minutes) 
Increase your lower body strength and flexibility while developing mental focus in this fluid, powerful sequence. Get the strength you need for more powerful turns and cutbacks.

FEARLESS (25 minutes) 
Improve your paddling power as you build flexible strength in your upper body. Learn to trust yourself, drop any self-limitations and soar!

Plus, a 10-minute soothing relaxation sequence to develop a deep sense of well-being and calm energy. Deeper stretches to relax your back and help with stress reduction.

Plus, you get a laminated card for easy reference: "Best 5 for a Powerful Ride"
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LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate

Pre-Ride Warm Up (25 minutes) 
Warm up all the joints and muscles you’ll use when you ride, and get energized and focused for a great session! These poses are all done standing, so they’re easy to do wherever you are -- no yoga mat needed. 

Post-Ride Recovery (25 minutes) 
Perfect to do after a day on your board (or a day at the office). These poses are all done on the floor for maximum stretching and recovery. You’ll feel revitalized and relaxed, ready to get up and go the very next day.

Plus, you get a laminated card for easy reference: "Best 5 Before You Ride"
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BABY ON BOARD Pre-Natal Yoga

For Active Moms-to-Be! Stay fit and fabulous throughout your pregnancy!

ENERGIZING SEQUENCE (25 minutes) Enjoy invigorating poses that banish fatigue, reduce aches and pains, and keep your muscles strong and supple. You'll swap out stress for strength -- and replace exhaustion with exhilaration!

SOOTHING SEQUENCE (25 minutes) Experience calming, soothing poses that are good for mind, body and soul. Perfect when you want stretchy, feel-good moves that leave you feeling pampered and peaceful during this important phase of life.

BONUS: Yoga breathing exercise + Book of Blessings Meditation

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YOGA for HEALING with Peggy Hal*** SOLD OUT***  Only available as part of the YFS Online Series

Set sail on a journey of peace, healing and well-being...

Experience the Relief of Whole-Body Healing

Head, Neck and Shoulders (20 minutes)
Enjoy these feel-good moves that bring mobility and freedom to your neck and shoulders while banishing eye strain and headaches.

Back, Hips and Legs (20 minutes)
Stretch your hamstrings with Peggy's unique approach that is safe and effective. Strengthen your knees and ankles and unlock your hips and back for lower body flexibility and freedom.

How to Breathe Better (10 minutes)
When you learn to breathe consciously, you learn to live consciously. Apply Peggy's simple techniques for feeling better fast, anytime, any place.



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