yoga for surfers
yoga for surfers
yoga for surfers

Stretch and strengthen all your surfing muscles with YOGA FOR SURFERS ® streaming videos so you can surf better longer!


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Famous the world over since 2002

YOGA for SURFERS® will help you:

  • Stretch and strengthen all your surfing muscles so you can surf with more power and flow

  • Reduce chronic aches and pains that keep you from surfing your best

  • Heal and prevent injuries so you don't waste time out of the water

  • Shorten recovery time between surf sessions so you don’t have to miss any of the swell

  • Surf better longer while feeling more fit, focused and fearless — even in heavy ocean conditions

No matter where you are with your surfing, or where you are in your life (age, experience, fitness level, injuries…) you can start feeling better — and surfing better — with the YOGA for SURFERS® video series.

What surfers are saying…


Even after just one week of doing Yoga for Surfers, I noticed an almost instant benefit to both a general feeling of well being and especially to my surfing.

The videos not only helped with focus, concentration and relaxation in the bigger waves but also recovery time and more fluid movements. I'm stoked with your products and recommend them to all. I was keen on yoga before but Yoga For Surfers really opened up a whole new world. Thanks for providing such a fantastic and well-produced series! I'm definitely hooked for life now. A truly great initiative -- well done!”
~ Brad Sutton, Newcastle, Australia


"It didn't make me feel dorky…
I was having major problems with my knees for about five years, spent thousands in doctor and therapy bills, had four shots of cortisone and was very depressed.

I'm only 33. I'd been to a yoga class near my home, but it felt like an aerobics class. I prefer being solo in my home. I used the Yoga for Surfers program, fell in love with it because it didn't make me feel dorky, and used it daily for months.

I was able to get rid of my knee problems because of it by becoming more aware of what was going on in my body and how it affected my knees.

I am grateful for Peggy’s style and ability to make yoga part of my everyday life.”
~ Vanz Steimle, West Covina, California

"Your yoga has made me more patient and relaxed, increased my flexibility and greatly improved my back pain.
I am thoroughly enjoying Yoga For Surfers and have been feeling and seeing the benefits. I find that I am much looser toward the end of a busy working week and am more ready to tackle the surf on the weekend. I just returned from Indonesia in some more challenging surf — and thanks to your guidance, your yoga has made me more patient, relaxed, increased my flexibility and greatly improved my back pain.”
~ Steve Barclay, South Yarra, Australia

"I have found the missing link! 
I've been a surfer and fitness instructor for many years and complete in Ironman triathlons too. All this exercise is fun, but I've always felt there was something missing!

But now that I've been following Yoga for Surfers videos with my surfer mate, I have found the missing link -- everything seems to be much more connected, and I seem to be more balanced in mind, body and thanks ever so much, Peggy, from one surfer to another. Love, peace and perfect waves!”
Paula Tunnadine, Barmouth UK


"All the young kids are commenting on my surfing. That's cool, even for a 64 year old.
Just yesterday I was paddling back out on my SUP and had to go over a shoulder high wall of soup. Usually I lose it and fall off, but this time I moved my foot to the rail, stayed relaxed and stayed standing and made it out before the next wave caught me. I knew I made it cuz of Yoga. I also appreciate having Dave to watch in the video because his positioning of his body in the poses fits my style better.”
~ Wayne Schrunk, Bend, Oregon

Keep reading to find out exactly how you can benefit from the best-selling YOGA for SURFERS® instructional video series — now delivered 100% online for easy, instant access!

Yoga for surfers Team member Courtney Noble still ripping it up in her mid-50's

Yoga for surfers Team member Courtney Noble still ripping it up in her mid-50's


Who else wants to "SURF FOR LIFE"?


Whether you’re new to surfing or a seasoned pro, you’ll benefit from the life-enhancing benefits of YOGA for SURFERS ®

Peggy Hall has been inspiring surfers since 2002

Peggy Hall has been inspiring surfers since 2002

Learn directly from Peggy Hall, the recognized pioneer of the global surf+ yoga movement. Called a legend by SURFER Magazine, Peggy Hall has helped thousands of surfers around the world world "surf better...and live better" since 2002.

Peggy has trained over 100 YFS Certified Instructors from more than 20 countries with her Yoga for Surfers Teacher Training Program.

An avid surfer and certified yoga instructor, Peggy is also a recognized wellness expert, speaker, author, radio and television personality known for with her positive encouragement for living swell.

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You may have seen Peggy Hall and YOGA for SURFERS® here…

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Can you relate to this passionate surfer, facing time out of the water?

“I’m a 40+ experienced male surfer, starting to feel the aches and pains or injuries from surfing. Pain points: won't be able to keep surfing as well as before. The younger guys are getting more waves. Feeling older, too tight, stiff, out of shape, putting on weight. Can't surf as often as before because of family/work responsibilities. Want to stay in shape for surfing but don’t want to go to some "girly" yoga studio where I'll feel out of place. Want to do yoga, but not feel weird or awkward. Do not want yoga for spiritual development but for stress reduction, fitness and flexibility. Not interested in trends, want something that is proven to work. The only thing I’ve found to fit the bill for all my needs is YOGA for SURFERS®.”

You have just met the typical YFSer.

Even though you may differ in age, gender or experience — you too can experience the life-enhancing benefits of YOGA for SURFERS!

For the past 15+ years, thousands of surfers around the world have been joining the YFS community.

And there are over 100 YOGA for SURFERS Certified Instructors personally trained by YFS Creator Peggy Hall, in countries around the world!

Why not take the plunge and join us today in the YOGA for SURFERS Stretch & Strengthen Online Series!


Imagine feeling like these surfers do…

"I'm so excited to have access to YFS online and to get Peggy's new content!"

I love that the online format allows me to access the programs from anywhere! As I age (I'm in my early 40s), I want to ensure that I can participate in my favorite sports and activities for a long time! Thanks so much for creating this new platform...I'm really looking forward to practicing with you again."
~ Amy Councilman, Maryland


"Not only are the workouts exactly what we are looking for, but we can do it at our own convenience, a huge bonus in our busy (read hectic) lives."

We find your programs the best instructional yoga we have ever come across, with the added bonus that Peggy focuses on poses aimed at surfers.

We find the pace, transitions and poses are all perfect for what we have been seeking in a yoga practice.
Apologies for all the the gushing, but we really are extremely pleased with your series!
~ Emmaline Froggatt -- Victoria, Australia


"Your programs completely changed my life"

I've extended how long I can surf, and I'm not sore afterwards, and the way I can move now just blows me away. My flexibility is incredible! Thank you so much!

~ Devin Morgenstern, Boca Raton, Florida


"I can actually follow your program...and I'm glad I don't have to be limber to do it!

I'm fighting an old hip injury that just recently ended my running career and it's been giving me a little grief on pop-ups. But I liked what I saw in your series so I gave it a try. Let me tell you, I love it! I can actually follow your program!

I particularly like the way it's so well suited to surfing (and boardsports in general) and the fact that I don't have to be all that limber to practice it. I started at the very beginning and I felt great after my first session!”
~ Frank Weber, Erie, Pennsylvania

"Your yoga has been a lifesaver"

I know you're heard from thousands of people about your videos, but I wanted to add my thanks to you for creating the YFS series.

I'm 55 years old, was a competitive surfer as a teenager, and have always suffered from sciatic pain, especially as I got older.

Your yoga has been a lifesaver, and I just wanted to thank you for the peaceful hours of sleep I get and the renewed flexibility and vitality I feel.
~ Paul Newman, Santa Rosa, California


"It didn't make me feel dorky"

I prefer being solo in my home. I used the Yoga for Surfers program, fell in love with it because it didn't make me feel dorky, and used it daily for months.

I was able to get rid of my knee problems because of it by becoming more aware of what was going on in my body and how it affected my knees.

Please let Peggy know how grateful I am for her style and ability to make yoga part of my everyday life.
~Vanz Steimle, West Covina, California

"I felt comfortable and was able to catch on"

Peggy does a great job in explaining things and talking you through the moves. She is very encouraging, down to earth and has a soothing and relaxing voice. Even as someone new to yoga,

I was comfortable and able to "catch on". The music is great and the surf clips are awesome. I really do feel a difference when I do yoga and when I don't.

~Bona Garretson, Santa Cruz, California

"Thank you for helping me recover"

Two years ago, I tore three ligaments in my neck on a bad wipeout a few miles north of Mavericks.

During my time out of the water, I started doing your Yoga for Surfers as rehabilitation after never doing yoga before.

I got really into it and with your DVDs as guidance, I have loved yoga ever since - it helped get the flexibility back in my neck and got me prepared to paddle back out and I've been doing yoga ever since.
~ Kevin Weiner, San Francisco, California


Get easy access to everything you need to surf better longer!

  • No need to spend time traveling to a yoga class (which you have to pay for every time you attend)

  • No more fussing with DVDs or having to be at home to watch them

  • No need to cobble together low-quality youtube videos or create a yoga sequence on your own

  • Watch everything on your phone, tablet or computer -- when and where you want to!

  • Save time and money while you become more fit, focused and fearless -- regardless of your age, level or experience