Healing Shoulder Pain from Surfing

As a surfer, you may be wondering how to get rid of chronic shoulder pain from surfing — without turning to surgery.

I can totally relate.

All my years as a competitive swimmer — and later a surfer — left me with severe, chronic shoulder tendinitis.

Two surgeons told me I would have to have surgery to shave down the acromium, the outer tip of the collar bone that was causing impingement and inflammation, leading to excruciating pain.

I couldn’t even lift my arm to comb my hair, let alone paddle into the lineup,

I was "this close" to getting shoulder surgery to relieve decades of chronic shoulder tendinitis.

My pain was so bad I could barely lift my arm to comb my hair, let alone paddle a surfboard!

In fact, I was about to throw in the towel because of the pain.

The pure simple relief I felt after hearing that shoulder surgery would get rid of pain.

The surgeon recommended that I do physical therapy to prepare for the surgery... and along that same time I started practicing yoga.

As many of you know, that one yoga class turned into a near obsession with yoga, which ultimately led me to create YOGA for SURFERS®, the first-ever surf-specific yoga series of its kind.

(That was over 15 years ago, before yoga exploded in popularity. In fact, I was one of the pioneers in popularizing yoga to the surfing crowd.)

Yoga not only helped me stretch my body -- it helped me stretch my mind.

And it was the mental aspect of healing that really accelerated the pain relief in my shoulder.

Now this may sound trite and "cheesy" to those who have never tried it -- but what I started saying to myself made all the difference in my healing.

Take a look at my video and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Can you relate? Are you experiencing shoulder pain, or have you had shoulder surgery?

Watch the find out exactly what happened to me, and how this could help you avoid shoulder surgery — and still emerge pain free.

Let me know in a comment below about any aches and pains you’re currently dealing with.

My favorite healing poses are all compiled in my latest video, YOGA for HEALING. You get instant access to it and all the YFS resources and videos when you join the YFS Online Series.

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Mental Approach to Pain Relief


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Avid surfer and certified yoga instructor Peggy Hall has been inspiring thousands of surfers to surf better — and live better — since 2002. Her upbeat energy, down-to-earth teaching style and positive encouragement will get you fit, focused and fearless on the waves, and in your life!