Best Pre-Surf Stretches

What to do Before Paddling Out

Don’t Just Paddle Out

Do you hit the waves as soon as you get to the beach?

Or are you wondering, “What stretches should I do before surfing?”

Many surfers are not surfing their best because they neglect to adequately warm up before paddling out.

And still others are doing the WRONG kind of pre-surf warm-up!

Watch to find out my tips & advice and then grab your own free 10-minute YFS pre-surf warm-up here

More Surf Yoga Tips below…

Peggy Hall, Creator of Yoga for Surfers

Peggy Hall, Creator of Yoga for Surfers

Avid surfer and certified yoga instructor Peggy Hall has been inspiring thousands of surfers to surf better — and live better — since 2002. Her upbeat energy, down-to-earth teaching style and positive encouragement will get you fit, focused and fearless on the waves, and in your life!

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