Mastering the Surfer's Mind


Does your mind ever mess with your surfing?

I know sometimes that's the case for me... and for a lot of surfers who say, "If I could just get my mind in the game, I'd surf a lot better!"

I totally get it.

That's why I interviewed Sports Psychologist and long-time YFS-er Anna Weltman for her take on situations such as:

~ Missing waves you should be catching
~ Comparing your surfing to others
~ Losing it when someone hops you
~ Sacrificing your stoke over intense emotions

Here's your chance to slay those dragons once and for all.

When you listen to my interview with expert Anna Weltman, you'll find out how to master the "mind game" of your surfing performance.

(Note: There are a couple of visual technical glitches, so please focus on he audio portion, which is clear and compelling.)

This is like getting your own one-on-one coaching for the surfer's mind!

You'll also hear my Hawaii Wipeout story -- what happened, why, and how it affected my surfing...

Along with Anna's advice is for anyone who wants to increase confidence and competence on the waves.

Listen, learn -- then go dominate the lineup!

~ Peggy

Interview with Sports Psychologist Anna Weltman


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Peggy Hall, Creator of Yoga for Surfers

Peggy Hall, Creator of Yoga for Surfers

Avid surfer and certified yoga instructor Peggy Hall has been inspiring thousands of surfers to surf better — and live better — since 2002. Her upbeat energy, down-to-earth teaching style and positive encouragement will get you fit, focused and fearless on the waves, and in your life!

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