Worst. Wipeout. Ever.

My Wipeout Story
Part One

How to Overcome a Bad Wipeout

Yes, it happens.

To every surfer.

At some point.

The Worst. Wipeout. Ever.

Even Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning have been stunned and changed by the life-threatening surfing experiences they’ve endured.

Kelly Slater’s Worst Surfing Wipeout

Slater talks about getting a two-wave hold-down in France, and how he had to use all of his mental faculties to recover.

“I had to use every element of my brain power to avoid post-traumatic stress,” Slater says, after his near-drowning experience, literally not knowing which way was up.

Slater survived — but not every surfer is as lucky.

Slater has personally lost friends to fatal surfing wipeouts — most notably at Mavericks, which Slater considers the heaviest wave in the world, due to the rocky bottom, cold water, shark presence and massive powerful waves.

“Mavericks has every element of fear,” according to Kelly Slater.

Mick Fanning’s Shark Attack

While not strictly a wipeout in the traditional sense, Mick Fanning’s harrowing shark encounter at J-Bay caused him to “trip out”.

Mick talks about exactly what happened to him when the shark attacked.

While Mick escaped the attack physically unscathed, he was (understandably) filled with adrenaline in the interview above.

The stress of these harrowing experiences can be far more damaging than the physical injuries.

That’s because while the physical injuries can visibly heal over time, the emotional damage remains unseen and often unresolved.

That means the most lingering harm is not the physical injuries you experience — it is the emotional and mental injury that can make getting back up on your surfboard challenging.

My Worst. Wipeout. Ever.

I’ve never surfed J-Bay, Pipeline, Mavericks or Puerto Escondido — nor do I plan to!

Sunny Southern California rolling A-frames are more to my liking , so when I paddled out at Paniaus on the Big island of Hawaii some years ago, I was startled by the crushing power of even relatively small waves.

I don’t want to reveal the punchline here — I’d rather you watch the vids on this page to find out what happened to me — and how I recovered from my worst wipeout ever.

Watch to find out what I learned, and how my experience not only impacted my surfing — but how this WWE changed the way I look at life, for the better.

Can you relate?!

Tell me about your worst wipeout, what happened and how it changed you and your surfing (hopefully for the better)..

Your comments are sure to help others.

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