How to Not Get Distracted while Surfing


Are you letting other surfers ruin your surf session?

Worried about what other surfers think about your surfing performance?

Maybe it’s just me (and you?) but I used to lose my focus by allowing myself to get distracted in the lineup.

Watch to find out the mistakes I made as a new surfer related to mental focus….and what I did that changed everything for the better.

I’ve got two videos for you here on this topic with my tips & advice to stay focused while surfing.

Watch to find out exactly what I’m talking about…

And discover my tips and advice to refocus so you can minimize your frustration in the surf.

No one wants to give away their focus and brain space to energy drains.

Let me know in a comment below what distractions you have overcome in the surf — and how you did so!

P.S. These short videos I recorded live on my YOGA for SURFERS Facebook page, which you can view here.



Distracted While Surfing - Part One

Distracted While Surfing - Part Two


Peggy Hall

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