The YOGA for SURFERS® Story

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"I was going to have to stop surfing because of the pain..."


You might be wondering how I came up with the idea of YOGA FOR SURFERS®, which I started back in 2002, when I released the very first Yoga for Surfers video (now there are 6 titles all together.)

I grew up as a competitive swimmer in Southern California and later competed in long-distance ocean swims in California and Hawaii.

I've always loved the ocean and I feel more peaceful, free and "at home" whenever I'm in the water.

But back when I was growing up, girls just didn't surf! (not too many of them, anyway!) I loved swimming in the ocean and I really wanted to experience that magical feeling of surfing a wave.

Luckily, as an adult, I finally learned how to surf, thanks to my husband David, who also got me into yoga!

There's nothing I'd rather do than surf -- and I want to be able to do so for the rest of my life!

But when you’re over 40 like I am, those years of surfing start to take a toll on your body. In my case, I was suffering from severe tendonitis, which I’d developed from all my years as a competitive swimmer.

My shoulder injury became more and more unbearable, and finally, two doctors recommended that I have surgery for my shoulder impingement.

As a last resort after chiropractic sessions, physical therapy, rotator cuff exercises, acupuncture and cortisone shots (all of which, by the way, helped to some degree or another) I decided to try yoga.

You see, back then, yoga was just beginning to emerge, and I admit I was rather skeptical. Would I have to chant? Stand on my head? Twist into a pretzel?

Nevertheless, I decided to go to class.

And...I’m so glad I did!

Thanks to yoga, I cancelled my shoulder surgery. Then, an amazing thing happened...

After my very first yoga class I couldn’t believe how much better I felt physically! It was like I had gotten a deep massage and I slept like a baby.

But even more importantly, I felt like I had finally let go of a great deal of stress that I didn’t even realize I had been carrying around.

The amazing thing is that very shortly after starting yoga, my surfing began to improve dramatically! I felt more confident and relaxed in the water, and I was able to let go of distractions while surfing, even in a crowded line-up. (And my favorite surf break near Trestles is usually pretty darn crowded.)

My strength, flexibility and coordination also got better, and best of all, I had more energy and endurance in the water. My shoulder tendinitis healed, and I never had surgery. All because of YOGA for SURFERS®!

I looked around for a surf-specific yoga series, but nothing existed!

But because I knew yoga worked for me -- I was committed to to sharing my passion with others, so I became certified as a yoga instructor and created the world's first-ever surf-specific yoga program, and that's how YOGA for SURFERS® was born!

Nearly every single day I hear from surfers who write to tell me how much YOGA for SURFERS® has had a positive impact on their surfing -- and in their life. I am truly blessed. 

"Yoga for Surfers healed my back in three months"

Hello, I'm actually a previous customer. I really enjoy YFS II. It healed my back in three months. I had to reorder it because I use it so much at work and home that I have to replace it. Thanks for making such good workout dvd's.

Dave Haley
Huntington Beach, California


"Suddenly began surfing much better"

My surfing buddy (an American) suddenly began surfing much better. I asked what had happened. She said "I know it sounds corny but I have started doing "Yoga for Surfers".

My husband wanted to join in but had never done yoga before so I bought the dvds so we could do them together.

Sharron Davis
Sydney, Australia

"As a yoga teacher myself, I was blown away"

I have just purchased this dvd and wish to tell you that as an ashtanga yoga teacher myself , I was blown away with the postures. It's an excellent dvd! I am a surfer and will be practicing some of these postures on a regular basis. namaste,

Phil D.
Newcastle, UK


"Thanks for making each day feel better"

Hi Peggy,

I recently started doing YFS on a consistent basis, 4-5 times a week in the morning, and have noticed a difference in a couple of aspects of my life already. Not only do I feel more physically fit (and I have always worked out with weights) but now I feel my flexibility is improving and my entire body just feels looser all day long. Plus, starting the day off that way gives me a nice boost of energy, and a nice calming feel to approach the day ahead.

My main motivation to start up again was that I have an upcoming surf trip to El Salvador which I will be surfing with Shane Dorian, and with not getting much time in the water the past 6 months, I really wanted to find a way to help prepare myself for an entire week of surfing and not surfing like more of a kook than I already am.

I just started with YFS II and really enjoy it, and I have been incorporating the breathing techniques into my normal day which helps with the daily stresses of life. Thank you for just making each day feel better, but for also preparing me for a surf trip of a lifetime.

Adam Paul
New Jersey

Wouldn't you like to feel like that too?

Now you can! Picture this:

A new, clean swell has hit and the conditions are perfect. You're excited to get out and catch some waves today. You feel confident and relaxed, knowing you're going to have your best surf session ever! That's because you did YOGA FOR SURFERS® before you paddled out.

When you practice YOGA FOR SURFERS®, you'll increase your flexibility, strength, endurance, mental focus and calm. This translates into more waves, longer sessions, and more pure stoke for the ride!