Favorite Back Stretch for Surfing

Even though hubby David is married to a yoga instructor (me!), he rarely takes more than 90 seconds to stretch before paddling out!

That’s because he prefers to do a longer post-surf sequence to stretch and soothe all the muscles he used in his surf session.

We have a running joke that he does his “90 second” warm-up in about 30 seconds sometimes!

And, when it comes to doing just one pre-surf pose, this is hubby’s favorite.

Let me add that David has been surfing for over 45 years (yep, you read that right) and he’s still shredding on a short board.

In fact, you may remember that David is the one who got me into yoga in the first place!

David discovered yoga before I did, and his main goal was to get rid of back pain, which cropped up after long sessions in the surf.

That’s why still today — his “90 second” pre-surf stretch usually consists of the following pose, what I call Horse Pose Twist.

You’ll see me — and David — demonstrate this favorite back stretch the video below, with a written description that follows.

Horse Pose Twist - Favorite Back Stretch


This video clip comes from YOGA for BOARD SPORTS, which is streaming in our online series.

Stand with your feet wide, toes turned out.

Place your hands on your inner thighs with your elbows bent and gently press your knees apart.

Twist to the left, dropping your right elbow down in the direction of the floor.

Keep pressing both thighs open.

Lengthen your spine and and look over your left elbow.

Endeavor to draw your left shoulder back, in line with your right shoulder, which is directed down toward the floor.

Press your hips back to ensure your spine is lengthened, even while twisting.

Hold for a breath or two and repeat on the other side.

Continue in this manner, alternating sides.

You can move as slowly as you like, lingering to feel the stretch on each side.

Caution: If you feel any discomfort in your knees, straighten your legs a little bit.

Option: You can also do this pose seated in a chair. It feels great, without any strain on your knees or feet.

Now it’s your turn: Let me know in a comment below what is YOUR go-to pre-surf stretch!


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Avid surfer and certified yoga instructor Peggy Hall has been inspiring thousands of surfers to surf better — and live better — since 2002. Her upbeat energy, down-to-earth teaching style and positive encouragement will get you fit, focused and fearless on the waves, and in your life!