Wave Warrior Workout


I put together this surf-inspired yoga routine with YOU in mind!

My Wave Warrior Workout was first published some years ago when I was a features writer for Oxygen Fitness Magazine…

But the workout has stood the test of time, as you can do it anywhere, anytime — no yoga studio (or Internet access) needed!

Print it out and keep it on hand for those times when you want a quick conditioning hit.

You’ll strengthen your back, abdomen, ankles and knees — while stretching your shoulders and hamstrings.

Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

A few of these poses come from YOGA for SURFERS videos, streaming in our online series. Are you in with us? I f not, you can get started today for just $24.

As always, remember to “modify, adapt and adjust” the exercises to suit your needs…

And Breathe, Relax, Focus and Enjoy!

For me, “Enjoy” is the word. If your force and struggle, your results won’t be as successful.

Hope to see you in the lineup~



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Avid surfer and certified yoga instructor Peggy Hall has been inspiring thousands of surfers to surf better — and live better — since 2002. Her upbeat energy, down-to-earth teaching style and positive encouragement will get you fit, focused and fearless on the waves, and in your life!